January 2018 visit - first post

Sarah and Julia are delighted to be writing this blog post from our guest house in Accra, following the first couple of days of our first visit of 2018!  Everyone has been very enthusiastic about the new project, and it has been lovely to catch up with the team at Korle Bu.  We have already been to meet some of the team at Greater Accra Regional (Ridge) Hospital, one of the two hospitals who will be working with the Korle Bu team over the next year to develop new stroke-skilled clinical leads.  We were impressed with the facilities at the newly-built hospital, and were pleased that the staff were so engaged and keen to get started.  We are looking forward to visiting La Hospital next week and meeting the team there.

We are off to the airport tonight to collect Louise and Andy (a videographer), as the other focus of the next week will be working with the Korle Bu team to film footage and audio for our new short stroke education videos.  These videos will be accessible to anyone via the internet, and aim to reinforce the key messages for each of the 8 Core Skills.  It should be a fun week; some of the team are getting ready for their close-up…and others will spend most of the week in hiding! 

Dean's Guest House
KBTH and Ridge team